Estancia Raicilla 45% - 70CL

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Made in the highlands of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Raicilla (pronounced-rye-see-ya) is an agave spirit rooted in folk- lore and tradition. With a 400 year history in Mexico, this artisan spirit highlights the floral characteristics of the Maximiliana agave. 

Key Features:

- Bottle made from recycled glass (coke bottles)

- Distilled rainwater used for proofing

- Adobe brick “mamposteria” oven used for roasting agave

Tasting Notes

Similar to the 40% but the difference is subtle. In terms of the production process, the 45% expression is made from agave grown wild on a single estate with rich red mineral soil and is fermented in clay amphoras. The result for the 45% expression is slightly more mineral and anise notes, as well as dried fruits (pear and apple).