Estancia Raicilla 40% - 70cl

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Made in the highlands of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Raicilla (pronounced-rye-see-ya) is an agave spirit rooted in folk- lore and tradition. With a 400 year history in Mexico, this artisan spirit highlights the floral characteristics of the Maximiliana agave. 

Key Features:

- Bottle made from recycled glass (coke bottles)

- Distilled rainwater used for proofing

- Adobe brick “mamposteria” oven used for roasting agave

Tasting Notes

Fresh botanicals on the nose and taste, which grow into more pronounced citrus and muted sugars on the back on the tongue. Not as heavy as most mezcals with more prominent floral and fresh fruit tones through the nose, with a touch of smoky tones ever so present.