Brutal Brewing Hale To Nothing

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If nothing existed that kept things apart, everything would be a single big and stressful mess. Probably boring too. Therefore, it is good to pause and enjoy sometimes. With Hale to Nothing of course, there are no strange things in this ale, only good things. Such as organic malt and hops that give this ale a refreshing scent and taste with elements of citrus. We think it's special, so take it easy. Enjoy.


Type of beer:

Pale ale


Fresh hop-flowering scent with elements of citrus and freshly harvested grass.


Light hop aromatic with well-balanced malting and a marked bitterness. The hop taste stems from the unique use of American hops, Centennial & Pearl, combined with English Fuggles Hulme hops.


Organic Pearl, Centennial and Fuggles Humle.


Organic Pilsner and Munich Malt.

Alcoholic strength by volume: