1889 Chestnut Cream of Ardèche Liqueur 16% abv

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Do you know the difference between chestnuts and chestnuts?

The confusion comes from a distant cousin "the chestnut" because indeed this tree that grows in our parks produces an inedible fruit. We do not make brown ice with him, it can be toxic.

The edible chestnut and chestnut are brothers and sisters. They are the fruit of the chestnut tree. The chestnut comes from a wild tree and the chestnut from a tree grafted for cultivation. 

The chestnut and chestnut are locked in a bug covered with spiciness.

If on the inside the fruits are separated by a brownish skin they are chestnuts. If the fruits appear in the bug of a block they are chestnuts. The chestnut is a small friable triangular fruit while the chestnut is round. The fruit must be bright, it is a pledge of freshness.

The Chestnut Cream of Ardèche Ælred  will be excellent with a wine, cocktail or in your dishes.

The  Cream of Chestnut Ardèche Aelred  was medalist of Gold  at  the Concours Général Agricole in Paris in 2018.