Pistonhead Crude Oil


This is not a Lager. This is something completely different to a Lager! Pistonhead 'Crude Oil' is a 30% ABV liquorice liqueur infused with a bit of chilli....Well loads of it actually! Its not exactly what you call smooth but we couldn’t be more proud of it! Tough, strong flavor with a helluva kick! .

Crude Oil is produced by Spendrups, Sweden’s largest brewery. It was crafted in the fantastically named ‘Brutal Brewery' workshop. Leif one of our Master Brewers created Crude Oil in his kitchen! Home grown and hardcore! Pistonhead launched in Sweden in 2010 and received a phenomenal response, with record sales in the first year.

In Sweden the now famous Pistonhead skull has spawned imitation T-­shirts, fans creating groups on social media and even tattoos!

Description And Tasting Notes:

- Liquorice and chilli infused shot drink that has Kick, Power and like whoever drinks it, GUTS!

- Pistonhead Crude Oil Brewmaster: Leif Borjessen

- Color: Black as the nights sky Scent: Aniseed, Liqurice, Spice

- Taste: WHOA!!! Full bodied kick straight to the tongue, aniseed, strong and sweet liquorice with a chilli burn.

- ABV: 30%


The 70cl black bottle, featuring the eye-catching Pistonhead Sugar Skull logo design, perfectly embodies the rock’n’roll attitude and rebellious spirit of Pistonhead.

Crude Oil is a fantastic addition to the Pistonhead fam! This drink is hardcore, it entices you with its yummy liquorice taste then shoots you down with its chilli burn! Its like the Azealia Banks of the drink world – Seems sweet but got some serious attitude!”