Legendario Anejo Blanco

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First produced in a distillery in Havana, Cuba in 1946 and now in six other distilleries across the Caribbean island; Legendario boasts a collection of six rums that are carefully crafted by means of traditional methods using secret formulas and aged in American oak barrels. 

Product Info: Dominated by fruity and vanilla notes, the taste of the Legendario Anejo Blanco is presented as vivid and comfortable. It has great aromas of fresh tropical fruits and vanilla.

Tasting Notes:

Colour:  Transparent with a slight amber tint

Smell: Citrus nose evokes: caramelised orange alcohol distillate join to form reminiscent of Cointreau, evolving woody memories as dry grass, or as intense sweetish honey orange blossom

Taste: A natural flavour that continues the legendary line. A lemon leftover maturity that opens the door to a warm mouth passage.

ABV: 40%

Sizes: 70cl