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Stambecco is distilled by the Vergano Family at Torino Dsitillati in Northern Italy Montcaleri where Amaro began. The name Stambecco comes from the Italian word for the Ibex mountain goats that roam the Italian alps near the family distillery. The packaging includes a red stopper and a picture of an ibex on the label.

At 35% ABV, Stambecco is 'smooth, fruity and rounded'.

The liqueur is made using maraschino Cherries and sweet and bitter oranges, as well as coriander seeds, marjoram, oregano, wormwood cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

This approachable Amaro has a complexity to the spirit which makes it perfectly-suited for cocktails such as a 'Stamhattan' - a twist on the Manhattan. It can also be enjoyed neat on the rocks or as an ice-cold shot.