Cocablue 111 - 70cl Bottle

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This stunning liqueur was originally decanted in 2010 for Princess Maxima of The Netherlands. A second decanter was hand finished in 2011 for President Evo Morales of Bolivia. In 2012 a limited set of decanters were produced to commemorate the transition of the Mayan calendar, popularly known as "The End of the World".

COCABLUE is made from rare, new growth Bolivian Coca leaves, harvested once a year at 2000 metres above sea level to ensure a consistent and concentrated flavour.

Every bottle of COCABLUE contains 69 gms of Coca Leaf extract and is distilled 5 times for a pure and powerful finish at 111 proof and 55.5% ABV. The captivating colour is inspired by the ancient Royal Mayan Blue.

Only one vintage batch will be released each year so every bottle is recorded, signed and numbered.

ABV: 55.5%